Floodlit Paris Uber Tour Lets the Party Roll On

(Sorry, I’m a little tipsy again…but Europe is just too much fun!)

I’m all about providing travel tips, and this video clip shows you one of my all-time favorites: hire a taxi after dinner for your own private, tailor-made tour of a floodlit Paris. In our Paris guidebook we include a hit list of the great floodlit monuments and a rip-out map for your cabbie to follow. Now, in the age of Uber, the whole party just got a lot more fun and about 50 percent less expensive.

Jump in the Uber car with us for a peek at the good time we had. It was a great little gig for our driver — who really got into the fun (and kept the map as a souvenir). We hopped out at each stop to shoot goofy selfies and celebrate the magnificent floodlit monuments — so emblematic of the “City of Light.” A highlight was singing the Champs-Elysées song with our driver (even without most of the lyrics) as we approached the Paris Ferris Wheel, all lit up fancy. What a fine way to cap the day — and especially fun after a tasty dinner and another bottle of Haut-Médoc. (Thanks to Trish Feaster for editing this together.) The price for our Uber ride: €36 for a 75-minute party all over Paris — for 3 people that’s about $15 each. Uber doesn’t work in much of Europe, but where it does, it’s great. Stay thirsty my friends.

This is Day 41 of my 100 Days in Europe series. As I research my guidebooks and make new TV shows, I’m reporting on my experiences and lessons learned in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Romania, and beyond. Find more at blog.ricksteves.com.


5 Replies to “Floodlit Paris Uber Tour Lets the Party Roll On”

  1. Looks like fun. But a wonderful part of our vacation is not having a cell phone. I’m not sure Uber is workable without one.

  2. A good few years ago I (by coincidence) had breakfast with Steve Smith on the rue Cler…along with one of Rick’s travel groups. We have since enjoyed seeing him wherever he pops up (out of a deux Cheveau!) in Rick’s videos. It is great to see him in the background here and to know that he and Rick are still having fun ‘putting quality travel all together’ after an inspiring career. This photo is as good as seeing Rick and Gene Oppenshaw doing the ‘Keep On Truckin’ routine! Many happy returns to all of you at RickSteves.com

  3. Fun idea, but don’t use cell phone data in Europe. Also not a huge fan of Uber. For every good experience, there is a bad one. Too sketchy.

  4. Glad you are having a good time, but seems like you are spending all your working time drunk or high? Wow sure wish all employers were that flexible. Or mid life crisis?

  5. thanks for sharing your love of travel. so many things to see and people to meet. i appreciate these fun little blogs

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