Nowa Huta: A Communist Planned Workers’ Town

A fascinating corner of Kraków is Nowa Huta, an enormous planned workers’ town that offers a glimpse into the stark, grand-scale aesthetics of the communists. It’s a company town, purpose-built from scratch to house the 38,000 workers of the Lenin Steelworks. Today the steelworks is mostly closed, and it’s a bedroom community for Kraków. I find wandering its numbered sectors very evocative.


4 Replies to “Nowa Huta: A Communist Planned Workers’ Town”

  1. I am not sure people really read or listen to these blogs, he says in the video that this could look like a place in California.

  2. I enjoyed the quick video and the history. Being a born and raised California girl turned Oregon Girl. I don’t think I ever saw anything like that in California The closest was probably one of the air bases I visited. Which makes sense since it has that militaristic look. It also brought to mind a state mental hospital I saw when I was little however it was on a smaller scale of course.

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