Reflections on Notre-Dame

The beloved Notre-Dame is like the needle upon which Paris spins — historically, culturally, geographically, and religiously — and it has been, for eight centuries. It was built by generations of Parisians who dedicated their lives to the project, knowing they would never live to see it finished. Sitting on the sacred ground of the earliest Parisians, upon the ruins of a pagan temple — and having survived wars, revolutions, and other fires through the ages — there’s no doubt it will be repaired and carry on.

This spot, the place of so many burials, coronations, and historic gatherings through the ages, is a part of what it means to be Parisian — and to be French. My hunch is that when travelers visit this church a century from now, its story will be the same, with one little addition: the fire of 2019.

Today, I am celebrating Europe’s commitment to culture — and Europe’s resiliency.


Rick Steves reflects on Notre Dame

Optimism from world renowned Europe expert Rick Steves, who has "no doubt Paris will muster the resources to rebuild the cathedral." He also believes Notre Dame will be just as meaningful 100 years from now as it is today – and this fire will just be "one chapter of that story."

Posted by Will Ripley on Tuesday, April 16, 2019