On a Natural High at Bath’s Baths

It’s the first full day of my summer trip to Europe, and I’m on a natural high. (No, it’s not last night’s snuff!) Here, at the ancient baths that gave this city its name, I’m learning a lot — and just taking it all in: the music (Hallelujah!), the medieval minster, the nice light, and a great local guide.

Join us now as Mike shares some of Bath’s many-layered history, beginning with 2,000-year-old Roman lead and some green muck.

My guide today was Mike James. To get the absolute most out of each of my days researching and updating my guidebooks, I generally work with two guides every day: one in the day and one in the evening. If I like the guide, I list them in the next editions of the books so others can enjoy their services, too. Mike’s a good Blue Badge guide in Bath who charges £150 per half-day (mike@mikejames.org).