Your Help Needed: Name My New Art Book


I’m very excited about a new book I’m working on, featuring my favorite 100 works of European art. I like the cover my publisher is proposing, and everything’s looking really good. There’s just one problem: I don’t know what to call it. Can you help?

The book showcases 100 masterpieces across 100 two-page spreads, and describes each in a way that helps travelers appreciate and enjoy that work of art. I need a title with no more than six words, and maybe (or maybe not) a subtitle. Here are a few that we’re considering…but I’m hoping for something catchier:

European Art: The Top 100
Europe’s Greatest Art: 100 Masterpieces You’ll See AFTER You Die
100 Masterpieces: Europe’s Best Art
Europe’s Best Art: The Heavenly Hundred

What do you think?