Malbork Castle, Stronghold of the Teutonic Knights

One thing I love about European travel is discovering places I never knew existed and had never even considered visiting after a lifetime of exploring Europe. Malbork Castle in Pomerania (north of Warsaw in Poland) is a good example.

This biggest brick castle in the world and the largest castle of the Gothic period is one of Europe’s most imposing fortresses. We include it in the Poland section of our Eastern Europe guidebook, and I enjoyed visiting with my local guide to update the material for next year’s edition. Here’s a quick little video clip on a huge and historic heap of Polish bricks.


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  1. Thank You Rick for sharing your travels with us.
    I thoroughly enjoy watching your programs on Public Television.
    Thus far, I’ve visited Italy twice, England,
    Wales and Canada.
    Now after seeing your shows, I truly feel inspired to travel more.
    Thanks again. Looking forward to Season 8.
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