Learn More About Cuba Before Your Trip

My trip to Cuba was a fascinating and memorable way to kick off 2016. And sharing it with you (and reading so many insightful comments) has been a joy. I hope you enjoyed traveling with me during the last 30 or so posts. If you missed any posts along the way, you can find them all right here on my blog.

Rick Steves and Cuban man with cigars

To put the many questions to rest: While I enjoyed the experience and highly recommend travel there, I have no plans to lead tours, write a guidebook, or film a TV show on the island.

If you live in the Seattle area and want to learn more, I will be giving my 90-minute Cuba talk on March 28 at Town Hall Seattle ($5); and on April 2 at the Edmonds Center for the Arts (free). A filmed version of this talk may also be available later online. Stay tuned.

It’s my hope that this Cuba series has inspired you to consider traveling there yourself. For a complete and practical listing of the B&Bs we slept in, the restaurants that we’d recommend, and our sources of information — as well as more posts about our Cuba trip — visit Trish Feaster’s blog, The Travelphile.

Thanks again for adventuring with me…and happy travels!


2 Replies to “Learn More About Cuba Before Your Trip”

  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading your Cuba posts. I just got back from a week long trip and had almost the exact same experiences and thoughts. It is such an amazing place to visit and has been so off-limits to Americans for so long. But that is changing fast, very fast. And while I fear some of the bad things that will come from the flood of Americans there, the Cubans desperately want and need the investments and business and I think it will ultimately do more good than harm.

    And it seems you have inspired President Obama to make his own visit :-)

  2. Thank you Rick. I really enjoyed reading about your Cuba trip, maybe we will get there someday soon.

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