Introducing Some Fellow Travelers: Vagabond Beacon Bell

Beacon Bell

Travel is about unleashing your wanderlust, embracing life, and stoking the free spirit that is in all of us. And travel writing gives us a chance to browse through the adventures of others to gain inspiration and ideas. In the next three days, I’d like to introduce (or re-introduce) four great travelers: a vagabond in the true sense of the word, a woman living her dream by competing in the Iditarod, a young entrepreneur who has found his niche (helping Americans studying abroad use their dorms as a springboard for weekend adventures), and a New York street artist with a passion for unleashing what’s in the hearts of street kids throughout the developing world with the help of a paintbrush. Three of these are relatives (my sister the dog racer, my son the student-travel entrepreneur, and my niece the street artist). And the other is a young man I met on a plane ride who inspired me like some hitchhikers’ guru.

First up, Beacon Bell. He is the truest non-materialist I’ve ever met. Just in his twenties, he’s putting together a life story with more adventure than many twice his age. His blog — rough and honest, with a mix of travel tips, philosophy, and experiences that can intoxicate the reader — challenges me to remember that the best things in travel are free, and with a little creativity, the rest is affordable. It’s my pleasure to introduce to you to Beacon: