In the Pilgrim Church of Leiden, Organ Enthusiasts Gather

I’ve said goodbye to the My Way Alpine Europe tour I’ve been leading, and am now researching my guidebooks in Holland. While I miss my friends from the tour, I enjoy the contrast: Chamonix in the Alps one day, Amsterdam the next. In the nearby town of Leiden — the last home in the Old World of the pilgrims before they sailed the Mayflower to the New World — I stumbled upon a group of pipe organ aficionados experiencing the organ in Leiden’s big church. Check out this cool scene. (This is a fun reminder that you can weave your passion into your sightseeing in Europe. How have you made your personal interest part of your itinerary?)

This is Day 68 of my 100 Days in Europe series. As I research my guidebooks and make new TV shows, I’m reporting on my experiences and lessons learned in Vienna, the Alps, the Low Countries, England, and beyond. Find more right here on my travel blog.


3 Replies to “In the Pilgrim Church of Leiden, Organ Enthusiasts Gather”

  1. Rick,

    You sure do get around.

    Imagine all the wonderful stories your fellow travelers are telling their friends and family!

    Tot ziens,


  2. Thank you! I shared this with my grandchildren. Our first look at the church where my 10th great grandfather, Rev. John Hanson, preached to the other pilgrims who had fled from Austerfield, England. Time to plan a trip!

  3. Chanced on this today, Rick. I thought you might welcome Googling a blog piece of mine, “Space and Transcendence in Bach’s Fantasia in G.” You’ll see its point. My wife and I will be meeting you in Haarlem on September 13. Can’t wait.

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