Hypostyle Hall

The Hypostyle Hall at Luxor’s Temple of Amun, which dates from about 1300 B.C., is one of my favorite wonders of the ancient world. Here’s why:

If you can’t see the video below, watch it on YouTube.


2 Replies to “Hypostyle Hall”

  1. Thank you Rick! Fantastic short clip that makes me want to see more.

    As an American living in Europe, we have been to Egypt twice: I am always surprised by the excitement and chaos. In this increasingly globalized world, you really feel like you are “somewhere else”. If people follow your advice, and travel smart, there is no reason NOT to go to Egypt. It is a phenomenal trip with children.

    Thanks for taking us with you on this incredible trip!

  2. Mr. Steves: I’ve waited a week to comment on “Americans gotta figure it out” re: Egypt to be sure I wasn’t over-reacting. Now I’m sure.
    How dare you chide your “demographic” for not going to Egypt; we HAVE figured it out. And we aren’t going because it isn’t safe.
    I am a woman who frequently travels alone. My travel funds and travel time are limited. I don’t have the money, people, and connections available to you. And I can assure you, the Egyptian government isn’t going to protect me like it will protect you–they do not want “Rick Steves mugged in Cairo” headlines–whereas I’ve gotta be careful wherever I go, whether it’s London, England or London, Kentucky.
    So, you want Americans to travel to Egypt? From your own blog entry: Clean it up. Make it safe. And be nice to the “demographic” that supports your work and has made you wealthy.
    Best regards–BK, Jacksonville, Florida USA

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