Hunger Issues and What Our Candidates Say


Any political advisor recommends that their candidate relate to the concerns of older voters and the middle class. So we know what those running for president think about issues of concern to those groups. But what about hunger and the most vulnerable citizens in our country and beyond? If hungry people voted, the rumbles in their tummies would be heard. But they’ve got more immediate concerns and hurdles keeping them away from the polls on Election Day. Still, for those who care about hunger issues, it’s helpful to hear each candidate’s thoughts on the challenge. And Bread for the World (which we’ve supported for 20 years and for which, together via my Facebook page, we raised $500,000 last Christmas) has collected statements from each candidate still standing. Take ten minutes now and review these statements. While they all “care about the hungry,” it’s fascinating to see how their political philosophies shine through in their statements.

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2 Replies to “Hunger Issues and What Our Candidates Say”

  1. Thank you for your leadership on the issue of hunger both in your work and in your service on the Bread for the World board. Getting the comments of those running for office is very important. Thank you for all you do.

  2. At this point the republicans offer nothing but negative messages and hard ache for our country and the world, so I will be voting for the democratic which ever one gets the nomination.

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