My New One-Hour Special is Here!

Over the years, I’ve made several trips to developing countries specifically to learn about why, in a world of such abundance, people go hungry.

I’m privileged in so many ways. I live in a rich and highly developed country. If I’m hungry, I go to the supermarket. If I need water, I turn on the faucet. When I’m sick, I go to the doctor. And my children enjoyed a fine education. Meanwhile, almost a billion people get none of that. It’s like we live on two different planets. And it’s so easy for privileged people — people like me — to ignore this reality.

In my new one-hour special “Hunger and Hope: Lessons from Ethiopia and Guatemala”, I share with you what I learned from locals and experts about key aspects of extreme poverty and how to beat it. Together, we’ll witness the importance of water, education, empowering women, and nutrition during a child’s first 1,000 days.

We’ll see firsthand the impact of globalization and the effects of climate change. And with the help of innovative solutions and smart development aid, world hunger has been cut in half in the last generation.

“Hunger and Hope: Lessons from Ethiopia and Guatemala” — 5 minutes of desperation and 55 minutes of hope — is airing now on public television across the country (check your local listings), or you can stream the full hour online.