Hitting the road in Oregon

I’m out of the office this week, traveling across Oregon. I thought Washingtonians were cool, but we’ve got nothing on Oregonians. I’m meeting wonderful people at each stop.

I just have to share this interview with KGW-TV’s Reggie Aqui. Reggie is the first reporter who has managed to find out how many pairs of underpants I pack on a two-month trip.


KGW interview with Rick Steves
KGW interview with Rick Steves

I’m here on a ten-cities-in-six-days barnstorming tour, in support of Vote Yes on 91. The campaign hopes to regulate, tax, and legalize marijuana use for adults in next month’s election, as Washington and Colorado did in 2012. It’s a very busy time at Rick Steves’ Europe and I should be selling tours and working on our guidebooks…but this is actually much more important work from a citizenship point of view. In addition to speaking about the skills and fun of good travel, I’m also talking to Oregonians about the importance of ending our government’s war on marijuana.

My time between lectures is filled with interviews. In our first two days, we generated a storm of newspaper, radio, and TV interviews.

Tuesday was Portland, yesterday was Beaverton and Salem. Today, it’s Corvallis and Eugene. And then…heads up Medford and Ashland.

And, if you’re not in Oregon, you can still join the fun. I’ve donated several hundred DVDs of the amazing documentary Evergreen, which tells the story of how we legalized marijuana in Washington State, as a thank you gift for people donating to or joining NORML.