Hamburg Doesn’t Want a Storm Surge Flood

After being in Germany as it suffered through an unprecedented 30 days in a row of temperatures between 90 and 100 degrees, and now in the midst of several days of torrential thunder storms, I’m clued into climate change as it affects Europe. Here in Hamburg, in anticipation of storm surges that could push the Elbe River into people’s living rooms, you’ll find all-new riverside construction basically on stilts. The city’s 60-mile-long embankment is also beefed up. In an effort to make beer out of lemons, the city has gone to great lengths to make the new embankment not an eyesore, but an elevated, parklike people zone.


4 Replies to “Hamburg Doesn’t Want a Storm Surge Flood”

  1. Guten Tag,

    They are very smart people to begin with so the rest of the world should follow their lead and get ready for higher sea levels.

    Thanks for bringing attention to what can be done.

    Americans can learn a lot from our friends across the pond.

    Happy Travels,


  2. You must be incredibly proud of the heroic Americans who saved countless lives and injuries this past week on the high speed train. What are European reactions?

  3. Thanks for all you do. My family uses your books and videos as we travel around. Stationed in southern Germany we get often and your materials are wonderful. We are in Munich now for the day. Maybe our paths will cross- I’d love to shake your hand, but I’m sure you get groupies everywhere you go. Thanks again

  4. RIck I agree with your “I love this city,” comment. Hamburg is one my favorite cities in Germany. Very walkable and very aesthetically pleasing. Plenty of great shopping and restaurants also. I can be a bit cold in winter, but worth visit.

    Happy Travels!

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