Guides’ Variety Hour: The Americans’ Turn

For about twenty years’ worth of tour reunion festivities, I’ve hosted a big party with our guides in my house. Each year, the gang gets bigger, and the party gets more fun. This year, we nearly opted for a bigger venue, but I’m really glad we jammed everyone in. There’s something special about inviting all of my guides (who I count as friends and who are a critical part of our Europe Through the Back Door team) into my own home.

At our impromptu talent show, I’m generally impressed by how our European guides have a much deeper repertoire of songs to sing then we Americans. (We’re generally limited to “Home on the Range” and “Yankee Doodle.”) But this year, a gang of our American guides regaled our European friends with an amazing little medley of tunes illustrating from where the lion’s share of American culture emanates these days…television. Here’s just a bit of that amazing performance.

If you can’t see the video below, watch it on YouTube.


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  1. What a great talent show! We gad dinner with some long time friends that are taking their first My Way Tour with Rick Steves to Italy in May. They are so excited, young almost 70 year olds. I think this will be the most perfect intro to Europe for them!

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