Guides’ Variety Hour: Stephen McPhilemy from Ireland

With over a hundred European guides filling my home last weekend, we threw an impromptu multicultural talent show. I simply took volunteers, made the list, and called the party to order. Here, Irish guide Stephen McPhilemy (from Derry in Northern Ireland) sings a rebel song dedicated to our English guides.

If you can’t see the video below, watch it on YouTube.


One Reply to “Guides’ Variety Hour: Stephen McPhilemy from Ireland”

  1. Stephen, there is no better tour guide or representative of Northern Ireland ever born! We have been
    on other tours, my friend, but after your tour, all others are mediocre. Keep on doing what you
    are doing! And I just got another sweater from the Aran Islands in December and it arrived in
    FOUR DAYS FROM ARAN TO CENTRAL, CA !! And, of course, I love it! We would like to return for
    a two week stay in the Dingle area but are not sure quite when.
    Fred and Sandy say hello and also agree that the songs you taught us, the hurling we learned
    and the,”craig,” we will never forget, makes you THE tour guide. I am so glad, also, that we went
    to Belfast. To think we might have made that trip and missed such and important part of the
    part of the history would have been a travesty. Keep on being a cutie, love and we hope you girls are
    well and you home all done the way you wanted to make it when you bought it while we were there.
    Bruce, Wendi and Fred and Sandy, Ireland, 2008(?)

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