Introducing “Europe’s Top 100 Masterpieces: Art for the Traveler”

I’m really happy today because a tour guiding dream of mine has just come true. My newest book, Europe’s Top 100 Masterpieces: Art for the Traveler, has arrived — and it actually exceeds my very high expectations, taking our travelers on a vivid sweep through European art history.

From Venus to Versailles, Apollo to David, and Mona Lisa to The Kiss — with tight descriptions and big, gorgeous photos — Gene Openshaw and I take you on a chronological tour of Europe’s greatest paintings, sculptures, and historic buildings. Whether you’re traveling to Europe or just dreaming about it, this book—with historical context and details on seeing these masterpieces yourself — will both stoke your wanderlust and kindle a greater appreciation of art.

After this intimate encounter with so much European creative genius, your deepest cultural urges will feel strangely satisfied. It’s available for pre-order now through your favorite bookseller and hits the shelves on November 19.