My $1,000,000 End Hunger Challenge

Thank you for joining me over the past few weeks as I’ve traveled through Ethiopia and Guatemala. Together, we’ve learned about the root causes of hunger and extreme poverty — and the power of smart development to create a better, more stable world. Judging from your comments, I know many of you were inspired to ask, “How can I help make a difference?” Here’s your answer: Every Christmas, our traveling community comes together to raise money for Bread for the World, an organization that helps hungry people both at home and abroad.

This year, as our government considers drastic cuts in aid to hungry people, our community’s holiday tradition feels especially important. I’d love your help in empowering Bread to speak up for hungry people in the halls of Congress. This is advocacy (like lobbying — but for what I consider a very good and important cause: explaining to our elected representatives how their legislation impacts hungry people). When it comes to fighting hunger, I believe Bread’s advocacy work gets me the most bang possible for my charitable buck. That’s why I’ve been an enthusiastic supporter of their work for 30 years.

My challenge: This year, we are going to raise a million dollars. Here’s how it works: You make a $100 gift to Bread for the World. I’ll match your donation 2-to-1 (contributing $200 for each $100 given), up to $700,000 — and send you my European Christmas gift pack or my Complete Collection DVD Box Set as a thank you. If I can inspire 3,333 of you to join me in this initiative, we’ll hit our million-dollar goal!

I see Bread for the World not as a charity, but as a service. Our support can help Bread help millions of struggling people in our country and around the world. Go to to get on board — and please let your loved ones know about this challenge, too. Imagine: As an extended family of caring (and traveling) people, together we can empower Bread for the World’s work with $1,000,000. That will put a special dose of love into this holiday season.