Video: Walking on Air at Ehrenberg

Leading my hearty group on our Best of Europe in 21 Days Tour, we are stacking up the memories — and that’s our goal. Here, we’re in Austria’s Tirol at the Ehrenberg Castle ruins above the town of Reutte.

Imagine the fun I have: hiking with our group up to my favorite ruined castle, then wobbling over the recently built “longest suspension bridge” 300 feet above the ancient Roman Via Claudia, teaching my fellow travelers why the route below us (nicknamed “the salt way”) was so strategic in centuries past, explaining how castle architecture evolved with the advent of cannon fire, surprising the group with cold beers once we reach the ruined castle, and then setting them loose amid sword ferns and broken ramparts to let their medieval imaginations go wild.

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5 Replies to “Video: Walking on Air at Ehrenberg”

  1. Rick ,
    I am really afraid of heights. How would I stay with the group if I can’t walk across that bridge? Am I just out of luck for the tour? Barbara

    1. Hi Barbara, this is Rick’s assistant Evelynn. Like Rich mentioned: “Never fear, there is also a trail to the top, just across the road!” We hope you can join us!

  2. Greetings,

    Barbara said she’s afraid of heights and I’m terrified of heights. I guess those like us can get a lift from a local who knows a safe way from one place to another.

    Happy Travels,

    Tampa Twin

  3. Great adventure. We took it with Rick on Alps tour in July. My oldest daughter (not a child) is also very uncomfortable with heights. She navigated the bridge very tentatively going across it the first time. Coming back she was a veteran. Everyone is different, but it was great fun. The bridge is just a side trip. You go from just below the castle across to the other side. You get a different view and then return. In our group, on person did not make the trip over, but just waited until we walked back. Not a problem. Hope you can make the trip. The experience is awesome.

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