Egyptian Freedom…or Straitjacket?

With the revolution in Egypt, freedom can be misunderstood. Locals are learning that on a busy urban street, unbridled freedom can become a straitjacket for all.

Video by Trish Feaster (For her Egypt blog, see

If you can’t see the video below, watch it on YouTube.


5 Replies to “Egyptian Freedom…or Straitjacket?”

  1. Thank you for this good perspective, Rick. It certainly sounds like Cairo! :-)

    I serve as the Global Mission director for the Middle East & North Africa in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make your time in Egypt, Israel, and Palestine a deeper, richer experience.

    Robert Smith

  2. We are glad your presence with us in Luxor and hope that the world see what you see now in Egypt and Luxor and the world knows that the media do not publish the truth and evidence of this you with us since 4 days and I visited and walked in every street and lane in Egypt Will saw what you see on television I want to advantagethis opportunity and tell the whole world that Egypt is a country civilizations of Egypt country safety and security and the Egyptians love Egypt and its heritage and welcome Baldio

  3. Check with the authorities if they allow comediens to criticize the government. check to see if Egypt plans to continue diplomatic relations with Israel.

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