Lunchtime Thoughts on Finding Good Restaurants

I’ve spent over 30 summers in Europe, lovingly updating my guidebooks. It’s kind of funny…I just can’t stop. It’s what I do, and I find it endlessly challenging and rewarding. This year, I’ve already spent 60 days researching.

As I encourage my fellow researchers, “We need to live the book as we do our research.” And a big part of the work is finding new restaurants to recommend to our readers. I was just enjoying a place a Scottish friend told me about, and I thought I’d share a few off-the-cuff thoughts on what makes a good Rick Steves restaurant. I’m no fancy food critic. I just have a strong sense of what kind of place my readers will find enjoyable. Here’s a peek at a lunch I just enjoyed at Edinburgh’s Fishers in the City Restaurant — and why it’ll make its debut in my Rick Steves Scotland guidebook next year.