Video: Blitzing Dingle’s Best Pubs — and Best Urinals

You gotta love keg urinals. Dingle’s Courthouse Pub is where the musicians go when their gigs are over. And Tommy O’Sullivan, the owner, innovated some interesting urinals I just had to share with you. From keg to keg…the cycle of life in Ireland.

Dingle is my favorite town in Ireland — and one of my favorite towns in all of Europe. It was pretty late. I was blitzing the best traditional music pubs in Dingle before heading back to our B&B. Walking around the block, I popped in on six pubs like this, each with a different personality and each with live music playing to an enthusiastic and fun-loving crowd. In the next edition of our Ireland guidebook, the character of each of these pubs will be clear to our travelers so they can settle in on just the right scene. That was my agenda…fun work.

This is Day 70 of my “100 Days in Europe” series. As I travel with Rick Steves’ Europe Tours, research my guidebooks, and make new TV shows, I’m reporting on my experiences across Europe. Still to come: England, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, and more. Thanks for joining me here on my blog and via Facebook.