Dinghy Sales Pitch on the Nile

Watch this amazing stunt. While cruising on the Nile, small boats captained by hungry merchants lasso the ship and haggle with passengers while being dragged by the ship upstream.

If you can’t see the video below, watch it on YouTube.


3 Replies to “Dinghy Sales Pitch on the Nile”

  1. In response to your comment of ‘how do you pay for it? ‘ …! When the vendors hooked onto your Nile cruise boat and tossed items onboard for you to look at and possibly purchase – it’s simple – if you like the item you merely put the money into the same plastic bag and toss the plastic bag back. In my case, I liked the shirt but requested another size while I tossed this one back to them. Instantly the correct size was very accurately tossed into my awaiting arms – perfect aim – don’t know how in the choppy waters. I put money into the bag and tossed it back. It ended up in the Nile and in one second they had their ‘scoop’ out and scooped up the bag containing the money before it sank. Oh, and did I mention – I was on the fourth deck of the boat! ! My friend had a shirt tossed right through the small open window of her cabin on the third deck – imagine her surprise ?? Wonder how much money is resting at the bottom of the Nile. what a hoot this was – and won’t forget it – certainly worth the cost of the shirt ! !

  2. as with other exciting places I still wish to visit, the pictures from your trip show NO western women traveling solo… I wonder if you are even safe in a tour…..just restricted to be with the herd at all times

  3. I’ve been to Egypt several times, both before and after the revolution. I am an American blonde woman so I can say with experience that it is safe for women to travel alone there. You can use a guide book but why bother with that when personal guides are SO inexpensive, interesting and fun?

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