Video: Let’s Be Cruise Partners!

I’ve long wanted to make a one-hour public television special about cruising. And we’re doing just that now. My TV crew and I are on a Mediterranean cruise, filming a special that will air across the country in February 2019. It won’t be pro or con cruising — just a candid and honest look at this travel option, one of the fastest growing kinds of travel.

For the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting daily as we cruise to destinations ranging from Barcelona in the west to Rhodes in the east. In this clip, I’m just in from a hot day of filming on shore. I took an amazing shower (any shower would have been amazing, the way I was feeling), changed into my casual cruise wear, and am enjoying a quiet, private sunset on my balcony with no land in sight — but curiously surrounded by lots of ships.

Stay tuned for lots of Mediterranean fun and learning.