Discovering a Great Tool for Wine Lovers: The Coravin

I was dropping by the various wine bars in Bellagio (as one does when working) — and at Aperitivo Et Al, Andrea demonstrated a clever tool that pulls wine from a bottle with the ease of a nurse pulling blood from an arm. With the Coravin, he can serve fancy wine by the glass without worrying about finishing the bottle before the wine goes bad.

Maybe I don’t get out much. (When I got back to my hotel and Googled the Coravin, I learned that it was invented in 2011 in Massachusetts.) Is this old news?

Here’s how I wrote up Andrea’s wine bar in the Rick Steves Italy guidebook:

[$$] Aperitivo Et Al, slick and jazzy, is a trendier wine bar; it offers mixed salumi and formaggi plates and light lunches, paired with the right wine. Andrea serves a great selection of wines by the glass (daily 11:30-24:00, Salita Serbelloni 34, tel. 031-951-523).