Coming Soon: Two New Sicily Episodes — and a Sicily Guidebook

We just wrapped up a wonderful shoot in Sicily, filming two new episodes of Rick Steves’ Europe — and I couldn’t feel better.

Last year, I signed up (incognito) for a Rick Steves Best of Sicily tour. And almost one year ago today, I was right here on the slopes of Mount Etna, enjoying lunch and a wine tasting at the Benanti Viticoltori family estate with my fellow tour members. Our guide was Alfio Di Mauro, and we had so much fun, I knew I’d be back this year with my TV crew. I booked Alfio to be our crew’s guide and fixer and, together, we’ve made some amazing TV.

This island is hot in so many ways. At Rick Steves’ Europe Tours, where we offer 44 different tour itineraries covering all corners of Europe, Sicily is one of our most popular destinations — with over 50 departures a year. And in our spare time during this shoot, Alfio and I have been working on a brand-new Rick Steves Sicily guidebook, co-authored by Sarah Murdoch.

It’s gratifying to think that, a year from now, our new guidebook and two new Sicily episodes will be inspiring and equipping travelers to enjoy this challenging (but endlessly rewarding) southernmost part of Italy.

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