Climate Change Is Real…And I Need Your Advice To Help Fight It

These days, simply sightseeing in Europe you learn that climate change is not a theory — it’s a reality. In England’s Portsmouth, floodgates are being built on medieval streets that never needed them before. The Swiss (who don’t build ski lifts these days without plumbing them to make snow) remember summer skiing in the Alps as something their parents did. And the Dutch — famously smart, famously frugal, and famously below sea level — are spending billions of euros (for example, employing hardworking ships like the one in this image) to shore up their dikes and prepare for a rising sea.

All of us who fly to Europe contribute more than most to climate change. (One roundtrip transatlantic flight adds about as much carbon to our atmosphere as six months of average driving.) As a big promoter of travel — and as a business owner who profits off travel and takes 30,000 people every year to Europe on our tours — I’d like to learn about organizations whose work mitigates climate change in smart ways. And I’d love to hear your recommendations.

While there are lots of good ways to help, I’m looking for two specific kinds of organizations: 1) organizations that help farmers in the developing world practice what’s called “climate-smart agriculture,” and 2) advocacy organizations that work to defend the environment by raising awareness and encouraging our federal government to adopt climate-smart policies. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks, as always, for your help. This is something I’ve struggled with for a long time, and I always appreciate hearing your thoughts and suggestions. Stay tuned for more from me about this issue — and how I plan to address it.