Centuries-Old Technology Still Keeps the Thieves Out

Updating the town walk for the Lucca chapter in my Italy guidebook, I was impressed at how many shops on the main drag had been in the same family at the same location for over a century. And this jewelry shop (with a storefront that completely folds up — leaving just a green, wooden wall at night) has been in the Carli family for several centuries. In this video clip, as Signora Carli seems to guard the front door, Signore Carli shows off his very old-school safe.


2 Replies to “Centuries-Old Technology Still Keeps the Thieves Out”

  1. Rick, Haven’t you seen those ”garage door shutters” before? I have seen them in Germany already in the 1960s. The Germans use them in front of the buildings to secure the store front windows and doors, and also as shutters in the upper floors. Happy travels!

  2. How charming! A great addition to your guidebook, I am enjoying your blog, thanks for sharing your passion with us!

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