200 Posts by One of My Favorite Travel Writers, Cameron Hewitt

rick steves and cameron hewitt with lenin statue
Me, Vladimir, Cameron

When people ask me about my favorite travel writers, I don’t need to look far. When I read the words of my most prolific co-author, Cameron Hewitt, I’m inspired to dig deeper into complex cultures, to experience the ups and downs of travel more intimately, and to share that essence of good travel more vividly.

Over the last few years, I’ve really been enjoying Cameron’s travel blog. Of course, I’m biased — since he works for me. Cameron is a great traveler and one of my favorite collaborators for big projects, from writing new guidebooks on Scotland, Berlin, or Iceland, to producing TV shows, to creating other travel content. I see Cameron as the “next generation” of my style of travel. And, while I enjoy taking credit for a lot of what Cameron does, his blog is the place where his own personality can really shine through.

Cameron’s blog is an entertaining, informative, often funny behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be a travel writer. He shares his infectious love of travel, mixed with savvy insights on how to do it better. If you love good travel writing and haven’t started reading Cameron’s blog yet, start now…I never miss it.

Cameron is celebrating his 200th blog post this week with a roundup of his favorite posts — from his tips for finding Italy’s best gelato or saving money in Iceland, to stories from his family Thanksgiving at a Tuscan agriturismo, to the time he took two Sound of Music tours in Salzburg, back to back, even though he’s not a fan of the movie. Cameron’s also looking back at his “origin story” — one of those wonderful just-out-of-college backpacker trips with long night-train journeys in crowded compartments and scary border crossings in the wee hours.

What’s your travel origin story? (You share yours here…and then I’ll share mine.)