The Art of Bullfighting

rick steves in bullfighting ring

Ronda is the birthplace of modern bullfighting, and its bullring — the oldest in Spain — comes with a fine little museum about the bloody ritual. Local aficionados would never call bullfighting a “sport” — you’ll read newspaper coverage of fights not in the sports pages, but in the culture section. Lovers of the “art” of bullfighting will explain that the event is much more than the actual killing of the bull. It celebrates a noble heritage and Andalusian horse culture.

almost abstract painting of bull and bullfighter in arena
This poster promoting a bullfight is like a piece of modern art.

Locals tell me the tradition of bullfighting is still going strong, with or without tourist money. What are your thoughts on bullfighting in Spain? Let me know in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter.