Video: Putting My Hot Air to Good Use for the UW

I recently received an email from my friend (and retired Rick Steves Tours Sales Manager), Deanna Woodruff. She was writing from a Washington Huskies football game, where she had just seen me up on the jumbotron. It turns out that the Huskies are still sharing a fun little ad that BECU put together in 2011. In the clip, some of my favorite University of Washington alums sing a rousing fight song chorus — while I put my hot air to good use on a sousaphone.

It was actually my love of the sousaphone that first brought me to the UW: I transferred from the University of Puget Sound because I wanted to play with the top-notch Husky Marching Band. It was a real thrill to be able to show my purple-and-gold spirit again. Go Huskies!

Here I am (on the far-left) in 1972, tooting away on my sousaphone in our high school German oompah band.