Bike-Friendly Paris

Many European cities have tried to become bike-friendly, and Paris is among the most successful. They have a very popular loaner bike system where thousands of city bikes are parked in hundreds of racks all over town, which locals use for quick little one-way hops. And bike tour companies are quite popular here. I took a tour one afternoon last month and rolled through slices of town I had yet to see. I loved this section: an open art gallery along a stretch of the Seine (just downstream from Notre-Dame) that has become a people zone — especially in the evening, when there’s music, dancing lessons, BBQs, and so on.

If you can’t see the video below, watch it on YouTube.


11 Replies to “Bike-Friendly Paris”

  1. I don’t see what some people find so great about these videoclips. Very amateurish from a travel guru. As for the videotaping quality itself, there should be a class that he can take because as usual it’s nauseating to watch. Stick to the print reporting.

  2. What Jan doesn’t realize is how many thousands there are trapped in cubicles across the US and Canada who hunger for travel whether with RS or anybody else. They are armchair vicarious travelers who appreciate any excuse to click off a spread sheet, or some other pedestrian communication from somebody who is making far more money for themselves, and look at an idyllic RS video. Steves knows this and casts his bait hoping to catch a mermaid. He is quite successful. Good. He helps his guides and staff earn a living.

  3. Jan, these are casual, personal videos. If you want to see production values, watch the shows.

  4. I for one love Mr. Steves ‘ childlike wonderment, still apparent after all these many moons. Anyone who can’t feel the same is someone I feel more than a bit sorry for…

  5. We can argue for days about Rick’s astonishing inability to pronounce a single European word properly, a startling, woeful shortcoming for European travel expert whom I otherwise adore. But for the love of humanity, Rick, at least pronounce “Seine” correctly: it’s not pronounced “sane,” it’s pronounced “sen.” Easy as pie. Sen.

  6. @Jan and probably others: you always have the option to not watch. Why comment with a negative, does it make you feel better? As others have stated, I like the casual style. As for mispronunciation, we are Americans. A foreign language for most Americans is just that-foreign. I know of at least five ways to pronounce New Orleans and none are wrong to that area of the US. I agree we should try to get the names correct but what can you do with a very excited American traveler like Rick. My concern when watching this video was Rick was not going to stop in time and end up in the river. Happy travels everyone.

  7. I remember years ago being on the Greek Island of Skiatos The native inhabitants could not agree on whether the accent fell on the first or the second syllable,
    SKIatos or skiAtos, so how could you know if you were pronouncing it correctly?
    We stumble along as best we can and enjoy ourselves without meaning to offend.

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