Thanks! You Gave Me My Christmas Present…and It Cost Me $215,050

Dear Traveler,

Three weeks ago I issued a challenge, and got a great response. Thanks so much to the 1,567 travelers who’ve responded so far to my Christmas fundraiser for Bread for the World.

Together, you’ve contributed $215,050. And with my match, collectively, we’ve raised $430,100 to help power Bread for the World’s work in explaining to Congress the needs of our nation’s poor, homeless, and hungry people. Bread for the World has been very effective in its advocacy work encouraging our government not to balance the budget by cutting vital services to our nation’s most needy. With discussions about tax reform these days, this message is more timely than ever.


Check to Bread for the World


In addition to my personal matching challenge, I promised to thank those contributing $100 or more with a special Christmas gift of my European Christmas book, DVD, and CD (or my Complete Collection DVD Box Set). So far, we’ve mailed thank you packages to more than 1,500 of you.

While this equals last year’s campaign, we’re still about $35,000 short of our 2017 goal of $250,000. And there’s good news: There’s still time to join us. If you’d like to help us reach this exciting goal, donate by December 10. I’ll pop your gift into the mail within 24 hours and you’ll get it before Christmas! Learn more and make a donation at

Thanks so much for making 2017 a very expensive Christmas for me. Giving like this, in partnership with caring travelers like you, makes my work even more gratifying than it already is. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all.

Rick Steves

P.S. My friends at Bread for the World are thrilled! They send their thanks and share their determination to honor your gifts by working hard and smart to transform this contribution into effective action in Washington D.C. To learn more about their impressive work, visit This is the compassionate spirit of America in action this holiday season.