Let Me Be Your Guide to the Best of Europe

I’m heading off to Europe and I’m wearing plaid. I explain why in this video clip — along with a quick overview of Europe’s best 3,000 miles and three weeks (as I review the itinerary of the Rick Steves Europe Tours Best of Europe tour I’ll be leading), and a peek at how I rip up my guidebooks (part of the critical art of packing light). And I explain why, when people tell me, “Have a safe trip,” I say, “Have a safe stay-at-home.”


This is the first post of a three-week series as I’ll be packing you and the rest of my traveling blog and Facebook friends along. I’ve been traveling like there’s no tomorrow for the last few decades — making guidebooks, designing our tours, and producing TV shows. And for the next three weeks, I’m going back to my travel-teaching roots — personally guiding the granddaddy of our many tours: The Best of Europe in 21 Days. Please let your traveling friends know that we’ve got a fun series of 21 posts in 21 days coming your way starting right now.


10 Replies to “Let Me Be Your Guide to the Best of Europe”

  1. Dear Rick and Followers:

    These are all great points: travel light, arm yourself with a great guidebook (in torn-out sections or a full book), and enjoy your visit.

    I recently took my son to Canada for two weeks and used Rick’s handy small covers to hold selected guidebook pages. One thin booklet was great for each city or region. Either travel light or wish you had.

    Ricknick #1

  2. Excited to be following your new adventure! I leave October 6 for Milan and then go to Varenna to begin the 17 Days in Italy tour with my group. Thank you for creating wonderful travel adventures for us. I love, love being on your tours!
    Judy Bridges

  3. Right after college, a college chum and I spent six weeks in Europe, my first time overseas. This was before the time of wheeled luggage. Of course, I was a lot younger then, but lugging around all those bags got to be a chore (now I know why they call it “luggage”), so once we got to Lyon, I mailed half my stuff home to my parents.

    I’ve gotten wiser as I’ve gotten older and now pack only one carry-on (with wheels) and a day bag in which I stuff my small purse. I’m definitely all for packing light!

  4. Watching this video, I was thinking how young and energetic Rick looks! However, he aged himself with the reference to CCR. But I’ll let it go…I think he’s rocking the plaid in a most fabulous way!!

  5. It’s fun bringing up memories of our fist trip-21 days-I think it was a GASP trip (Germany Austria Switzerland and Prague) What a great time we had–Rick Steves tours are the BEST around-we’ve been on 8 now-latest Sicily! If you haven’t been…you don’t know what you’re missing!! Viva travel!! Wish we were on this one with RICK!!

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