Behind the Scenes at a Travel Show

This is travel show season when nearly each weekend I visit a big city’s convention center and give talks at a travel show. If you always wondered if these are worth the time and money (around $10 to get in), here’s a quick tour from the Santa Clara show in California.



2 Replies to “Behind the Scenes at a Travel Show”

  1. Affordable is the question here. WE are paying $800.00 more in airline tickets this year from last year. Even though the Euro is a better exchange rate, all our hotels are much higher than we paid a few years ago in Italy. Also in Rome and Florence there is a daily tax on each person staying at hotels.

  2. My family had a blast at the LA Travel and Adventure show. I prepaid my tickets through Goldstar and got them for $10 each (they were $18 at the door). We learned a lot from the lectures (including yours). We are not a big fan of packaged tours but the opportunity to meet so many travel related people is the best value. What we do is we go up to the booth and start talking to the person and just have a normal conversation. You learn all sorts of things. For example I found out that in Japan all national parks are free. I don’t need a tour for that. You mentioned the Tawain booth. They talked me a traditional dance and told me about this festival which is also free and now when I go I know some dance moves. My take away is like all travel it is what you put into it that counts. Also, thank you for the autograph. You are very patient to wait for all us asking for your signature.

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