An Evening at the Tropicana

Any rich tourist in Havana seems to spend an evening at the Tropicana, where — for about $100 (a small fortune in local terms) — you’ll enjoy the wildest cabaret show in the Caribbean. With a live orchestra, old-fashioned crooners, acrobats, contortionists, and a razzle-dazzle troupe of outlandishly clad dancers with peacock tails, whirling tassels, and towering hats of fruit and feathers — and a bottle of good rum and local cola at each table — it’s a fun evening.

Tropicana show Tropicana dancers Tropicana dancers



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  1. Your Tropicana description – HOW APPROPRIATE! A group of 11 of us from the USA were just there the week before. it is exactly as you describe.

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