A Cocotaxi Ride Across the River

In this clip, our cocotaxi driver, Emma, zips us (as if in a coconut shell on a motorcycle) over the river with my partner Trish and son Andy. A 15-minute ride with Emma cost about $5 (great for her, I’m sure, and fine for us). Three Americans in a coconut on wheels — that’s about the max.


2 Replies to “A Cocotaxi Ride Across the River”

  1. I would like to hear about live music in Cuba. If this was part of your experience on this trip I hope you give us a report. (By the way, your guide was a good help on our Italy trip. Thanks.)

  2. Hey, Rick!

    Great series on a wonderful people Americans ‘need’ to know more about. The Buena Vista Social Club album and Ry Cooder were a good start…but that was a few years ago. Thanks for keeping the melting pot simmering!

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