Norway’s Whaling Industry

As I explored Bergen’s old Bryggen trading quarter with my guide, the topic of whales came up. Of course, Norway’s whaling industry is controversial among animal-rights groups. With this little clip, Sue makes the case for her country’s whalers. What do you think?


2 Replies to “Norway’s Whaling Industry”

  1. Rick and Friends,

    I really enjoy your video posts while you’re on the road.

    My wife is part Norwegian also.

    Uff da,

    der Doppelganger

  2. Hi Rick,
    I love your videos and pics and every thing you do , but I just can’t accept that just because the whales are not indangered species , it is right for people to kill them. I have seen the sea turn red from blood while hunting and killing these creatures and I am telling you there is no Universe in wich this can be right. Other than that, you are my favourite guide , keep the good work coming

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