The Dreams of 60,000 Travelers Dashed

Imagine 60,000 Dreams Canceled

Think of 60,000 people. Fill a stadium with them and their dreams and aspirations. Because our president canceled that many visas, those lives — which were structured around a trip to America — just had their travel dreams scuttled. And that’s just incoming travelers. Many outgoing travel plans have also been halted.

We’re not just talking about vacations. These are academic visits, business trips, and people seeking a better life for their families…tens of thousands of lost opportunities — in education, in commerce, and in understanding.

Why? They claim it’s for “safety.” As a traveler — who has, again and again, experienced the power of people-to-people connection — I believe that, ironically, this action will make us less safe. Understanding and sharing between the USA and seven countries where understanding and sharing is particularly vital, just took a huge hit.

I fear we’ve entered a backward world. Actions “for safety” will make us less safe. Actions “for jobs” will bring fewer jobs. At Rick Steves’ Europe, the value of our mantra to “Keep on travelin’” is growing by the day.