Be a Caller on My National Radio Show

Join Rick on the radio and get your travel questions answered.

I’m heading into the studio later this week to record some great guest interviews for my radio show, “Travel with Rick Steves” — and we are looking for callers! Sign up now to be part of the conversation and get your travel questions answered.

I’ll be chatting with authors and expert travelers about Italian desserts, the markets of Paris, Rome after dark, the beers of Belgium, and today’s Berlin.

We’ll also explore road tripping in Mexico, plan my upcoming trip to Palestine, plumb the catacombs of Paris, walk the “Lincoln Trail,” learn about the challenges for African American travelers in the days of Jim Crow, and talk with author and activist Terry Tempest Williams about her native Utah and her travels.

And if we include you as a caller during any of these interviews, we’ll send you your choice of one of my guidebooks as our thanks for participating.

I hope you’ll follow our link and send us your questions and comments for our next batch of radio interviews.