100,000 Rick Steves Facebook fans = $100,000 to fight hunger in USA

We’re about to hit 100,000 friends on our Rick Steves Facebook page (like us to help me reach that number) — and I’ve decided to celebrate that milestone by funding a $100,000 initiative to protect the poorest Americans from cuts in government programs.

The first step in this project has been to have President Obama and Governor Romney each create a three-minute video that explains what he plans to do as president to fight hunger and poverty. These videos have been completed, and you can view them now.

Here’s why I got involved: An organization I admire, Bread for the World, has joined a coalition of Christian organizations across the political spectrum — from both conservative churches and liberal churches — to encourage our next president, whether Obama or Romney, to maintain a “Circle of Protection” around our nation’s hungry people as necessary cuts are made in government programs.

Their ingenious initiative establishes that hunger is neither a Republican nor a Democratic issue. And it will keep “hunger in America” on the agenda in a constructive way regardless of who occupies the White House after the election.

The $100,000 gift from Rick Steves’ Europe Through the Back Door will help promote these video clips in addition to funding a special hunger education program for thousands of churches in America. Through this program, we hope to hold our next president accountable for promises made about ending hunger. It will also pay for Bread for the World staffers to follow-through in the months after the election, working in our nation’s capital to protect the programs most vital to our poorest citizens.

We believe our travelers have a world view and care about hunger. The stark truth is: one in four American children is “food insecure” and the number is growing. We’ve long supported Bread for the World, and their Circle of Protection campaign has already prevented deep and egregious cuts to programs vital to the poorest people in America and around the world.

Please help us get to 100,000. Visit my Facebook page and “like” us. Share this with your friends. Together we can impress upon our next president and congress that fighting poverty and hunger needs to be a top priority.

Happy travels,

Rick Steves