Video: Rick Steves and Samantha Brown Take Off the Pillow Cases

It’s a travel host cage match! (Don’t show this clip to small children.)

For a couple of decades, Samantha Brown was America’s travel partner through her popular shows on cable TV. I’ve long thought she’d enjoy spreading her wings and sharing a little more of her own passions and personality on public television. And now Samantha is joining our gang in public broadcasting. We were both just at a national convention of public television programmers in Salt Lake City and it was fun to give her a big, warm public broadcasting welcome.

Samantha’s new series, Places to Love, debuts in January with 13 episodes that celebrate the innovation and passion of people and the soul of off-beat places all around the world. I’ve followed Sam for many years and I think this show will give you the best Samantha Brown you’ve ever seen. Don’t miss it!