One Hundred Guides Converge at ETBD’s Headquarters

As a follow-up to my post about all my tour guides coming together in Edmonds, here’s a gallery of images from the entire week, from our summit meetings all the way through to our biggest event of the year in Edmonds: our annual tour alum reunion, which attracted hundreds of happy travelers from all over the USA and Canada. It was exhausting and profoundly energizing, all at once.

It’s fun to see how a European doodles during a meeting. The banana says “Focus. Workshop ist shöooen!”

Our all-guides business meeting began with everyone introducing themselves…which took more than an hour.

It was great having so many interesting tour guides hang out at my house.

On Saturday, under threat of snow, we had our annual tour alum parties.

We had four parties of about 400 tour members each, from all over the USA and Canada.

Guides like Alfio Di Mauro regaled the groups with stories and jokes.

Stephen McPhilemy brought along his favorite Irish T-shirt -- “Titanic: Built by Irishmen, Sunk by an Englishman.”

Martin de Lewandowicz shared gummi bear prizes with his Best of Europe alums for having the best attendance.

My guides and I also spent Saturday making 24 Test Drive a Tour Guide presentations in three different venues.

Having fun with our tour alums is one of the high points of my year.

3 Replies to “One Hundred Guides Converge at ETBD’s Headquarters”

  1. A seemingly convivial bunch probably reflecting a microcosm of affluent, elderly and energetic ETBD tour customers. Also understandable why the guides are trained in CPR. The guides are probably solid, civic-minded citizens of their own countries because of all their training and experiences.

  2. When it takes an hour for the guides to introduce themselves and you have 400 people per party, you know the outfit’s grown too big.

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