Video: It’s Party Time in Munich — Oktoberfest!

I’m taking a quick break from our Best of Europe in 21 Days tour, while leaving our group in the good care of guides Ben and Trish, to join my film crew in Munich to film Oktoberfest — the final festival for our “Europe’s Top Ten Festivals” special that will air on public television in 2017. An hour before the tents open, our guide Georg Reichlmayr shows off his fancy lederhosen and introduces us to his favorite white sausages and sauerkraut.


3 Replies to “Video: It’s Party Time in Munich — Oktoberfest!”

  1. Fun video clip sharing a slice of Bavarian life! I can’t believe it didn’t garner any comments. I guess folks are more interested in Hillary and Donald then on more hedonistic pursuits. Can’t there be room for both? Bring on the beer! Prost!

  2. Dear Rick and fellow Ricknicks,

    It’s been so much fun traveling around with you vicariously and wishing I was there in person. I love your way of traveling and the VFR tour was magnificent. The tour reunion in Edmonds was a treat. You’ve got a great group of folks working with you to help us enjoy the “Olde Country”.

    What an interesting life you have made for yourself!


    Your Doppelganger

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