The New

home-screenAfter over a year of hard work, I’m proud to announce our beautiful new Rick website! At the beginning of the development process, my team and I thought a lot about what we wanted out of a new website. After hours of discussion, we circled back to the beginning: our original mission to inspire, inform, and equip Americans to have European trips that are fun, affordable, and culturally broadening. Today I am proud to say that this new website does just that. It’s full of free tools and resources to help you dream about and plan for your next trip. Over next few days, I’ll highlight some of my favorite features.

We’re still tweaking the design, but we feel it’s ready for you to give it a spin. We’re still discussing how to both keep it lively and changing, and at the same time make it an easy-to-navigate almanac of information that our travelers can turn to when planning a trip.

Please take a moment to poke around, and tell me what you think. I’d love to hear from you.