The Challenges of Updating a Guidebook in Ireland: O’Leary’s Bike Shop

With all of our guides in town, we are also connecting with the great travelers and teachers who co-author, research, and update our many guidebooks. Pat O’Connor is the co-author of the Rick Steves’ Ireland guidebook. And, while there is no “language barrier” as such on his turf, Pat has found that the fabled and beloved Irish “gift of gab” can actually be a bit of a challenge for any guidebook researcher trying to do his rounds before the end of the day. After a particularly frustrating day researching Ireland last summer, Pat wrote up this dialogue to illustrate all of the different ways his efforts get derailed. This little four-minute audio clip — starring Pat O’Connor as himself, and Lauren Mills as Mrs. O’Leary — is a quick trip to the Emerald Isle. Enjoy!