Streaming for Travel Dreaming — Feedback, Please?

We are hoarse and exhilarated after an amazing week of hosting our tour guides here for our annual guide summit, and throwing our annual tour alumni party (a thousand tour alums came by for our parties Saturday). The days were filled with radio interviews and tour guide workshops, and the evenings were filled with lots of fun and bonding.

Also over this last week, we’ve streamed the live recording sessions for about 30 radio interviews in 12 hours, as well as five “Test Drive a Tour Guide” lectures with live video webcasts (we logged about 2,000 hours of online viewing time). This is an exciting opportunity for us to share our work with travelers outside the Seattle area. (We’re editing the lectures now to be posted in on our website for viewing at any time in the future.)

If you listened to any of the radio interviews (or even called in with a live question), or if you watched any of the talks (including my “Irreverent History of Europe Through the Back Door,” which capped the week off on Saturday evening), please let us know how you think it went. What worked? What didn’t? How can we do it better next time?

Thanks for your input. We are working diligently with all the technology we can muster to share our passion for travel with all of you.