Sicily: Such a Small Island, So Much to See

The best way to tour Sicily is by car or bus. The roads are great, the traffic is sparse, the views are jaw-droppingly beautiful, and the distances are short. (Of our 40-plus tour itineraries, Sicily must have about the best “sights to hours-on-the-bus” ratio.)

It’s tough to cover this small island in 11 days — there’s so much to see! Our Best of Sicily tour is perfectly efficient and very busy…and if we had a few more days, we could have put them to very good use, too.

Northern Italians have long grumbled about their taxes subsidizing Sicily’s infrastructure. You can’t help but notice how the road system seems better than the local economy and population density would merit. Here, we’re driving under Sicily’s highest point, and Europe’s liveliest volcano: Mount Etna.

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