Sequester People like Me, Not Struggling Americans

In my travels, I find myself noticing the relative gap between rich and poor in various societies. The measure of a healthy society is indicated, in part, by the income gap between the top and the bottom quintile (20 percent of society). All my life, I’ve considered a very wide gap to be the mark of less successful, banana republic-type societies. But in the last generation, the USA has become like a banana republic itself in its creation of a tiny economic elite and a vast swath of its population mired in structural poverty.

Sure, I am one of the elites — a hardworking business owner who creates jobs. And I see the way the status quo (which protects the obscene wealth of the top one percent) is demoralizing and demeaning our society. That’s why I’m a member of a group of wealthy people advocating for more progressive taxation so that we can build a society with a healthier balance.

I know the notion of “job creators” like me (I employ over a hundred people directly, and many more indirectly) advocating for higher taxes on the wealthy infuriates many Americans — especially those who have dropped out of what was once a healthy middle class. Part of our Cold War/Red Scare heritage is that we can’t even address class issues as problems. But I think doing so is patriotic.

Before you get really mad, watch this little video that explains the situation in a way any honest person who cares about our country can get their brain around. If you like it, share it. Then let me know what you think. Thanks.

If you can’t see the video below, watch it on YouTube.