Scotland Tour: Scottish Serendipity in 4/4 Time

Each evening, in almost every town, the happy sound of traditional Scottish folk music spills out of local pubs. And each evening, visitors have the chance to join in the fun. It’s one of the great things about traveling in Scotland. Apart from Ireland, there’s no place like it.

After spending an evening writing at our Inverness hotel, I needed a little break. In the neighboring hotel’s bar, a band was playing. Our guide, Liz, popped out and waved me eagerly in. Inside I found most of our group, already thoroughly part of the scene…mixing it up with the regulars and a fun-loving hen party (that’s British for “bachelorette party”).

I love the way our guide, Liz, made sure to capitalize on any cultural serendipity over the course of our tour.

If you can’t see the video below, watch it on YouTube.